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Keane Center for Adoption welcomes all clients regardless of gender, marital status, race, religion, or sexual orientation. We work with same sex couples, heterosexual couples and single applicants. Couples that want to adopt together do need to be married. Please reach out with any specific concerns.

Birth Parents

I am a birth mother and I really need some counseling. How much does it cost?

The staff at Keane Center for Adoption is available to provide counseling. If you live too far away from the office, we help to find a counselor closer to you. The fee for counseling is covered for you and it can extend to six weeks past the birth. 

What do I learn about the prospective adoptive parents of my baby?

The most important time for you is choosing and getting to know the adoptive parents. You first read about their lives in the profile they prepared. You are also able to personall meet them and get to know them before the birth. Many people exchange emails, phone numbers, and choose to visit regularly. 

Adoptive Parents

The entire adoption process including agency fees, legal fees and potential birth parent living expenses can be in the range of $10,000-  $15,000. The fee is paid over four installments, and includes the counseling and case work with the birth parents, the home study process and filing the case with the court. An attorney is not always needed, as the agency staff usually completes all the court work in non-complicated cases, however, if an attorney is needed, the adoptive parents will also pay this fee.

For clients seeking a home study only, fees start at $2,400 and may vary depending on your specific circumstances.

Outside costs in a case could include allowable reimbursement of a birth parent's living, travel, and medical expenses. Each case is different in how much money is required in this area. An average range is $1,500 to $4,000.

FAQ: Legal Resources
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