The Keane Center for Adoption is a licensed adoption agency in Michigan with 27 years of experience. The staff is a group of forward thinking professionals with a full range of experience providing caring services.


Whether you are an expectant parent considering the placement of your baby or prospective parents interested in adoption, we want to give you information and help you to make informed choices.


As an expectant parent working with the agency, you can choose the adopting family from many profiles of approved families. This helps give you the confidence that your baby's future is decided by you.


As a prospective adoptive parent, we can help you through the home study process, as well as provide you with the needed assistance through the placement of the baby through the finalization of the adoption.


930 Mason St. Suite 205  |  Dearborn, Michigan 48124  |  PH: 313-277-4664  |  Toll-free in Michigan: 800-905-6789

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