Birth parents routinely choose prospective adoptive parents from our group of approved families. We help

you to prepare a good profile of yourselves for birth parents to review. 


To be approved as an eligible family, the agency completes a home study, which is also called a pre-placement assessment. The home study process includes two office visits with Ms. Brail, and a home visit with the agency social worker. Required documents include current physician reports, criminal record clearances, three letters of reference, and other supporting documents, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates and tax statements.


We also offer training on adoption issues, such as networking and advertising techniques and raising an adopted child. Ms. Brail and the staff at Keane Center for Adoption are very dedicated to personally handling all the details of the home study process.


Cost of an Adoption


To complete an entire adoption, the professional fee to the agency is $9,800. The fee is paid over four installments, and includes the counseling and case work with the birth parents, the home study process, and all of the legal steps before and after the placement. An attorney is not always needed, as the agency staff usually completes all the court work in non-complicated cases.


For clients seeking a home study only, fees start at $1,900 and may vary depending on your specific circumstances.


Outside costs in a case could include allowable reimbursement of a birth parent's living, travel, and medical expenses. Each case is different in how much money is required in this area. An average range is $1,500 to $4,000.


The agency also offers a home study service for families preparing for an attorney facilitated adoption. Please contact the agency for the current home study fee. 



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