I am a birth mother and I really need some counseling. How much does it cost?


The staff at Keane Center for Adoption is available to provide counseling. If you live too far away from the office, we help to find a counselor closer to you. The fee for counseling is covered for you and it can extend to six weeks past the birth. 


What do I learn about the prospective adoptive parents of my baby?


The most important time for you is choosing and getting to know the adoptive parents. You first read about their lives in the profile they prepared. You are also able to personall meet them and get to know them before the birth. Many people exchange emails, phone numbers, and choose to visit regularly. 


Why should I choose the Keane Center for Adoption?


The Keane Center for Adoption is a small agency that provides very personal service. We answer the phone when you call and we respond to all emails. Our staff has over 26 years of experience in adoption and we put our knowledge to work for you.


How long is the wait for a placement?


There are many unpredictable factors in determining how long prospective adoptive parents will wait. However, clients typically wait 18 to 24 months before placement.


The adoptive parents' profile is a key element in when you are chosen and our staff helps you to prepare an attractive and effective profile for birthmothers to review.


Why do birth parents choose adoption?


There are many factors involved in a women's decision for choosing adoption. She must consider her financial and emotional situation at the time of her pregnancy and then weigh the decision of placing the baby for adoption. It is a difficult decision to place a baby for adoption, and the more time she takes to choose a family and get to know them, the more balanced her decision is after the birth.


How do I get started?


The application for starting the adoption process is given to new couples during a personal consultation with Christine Brail, MSW, and Director of the Keane Center for Adoption. This consultation also gives you an opportunity to ask questions and fully learn about the process of adoption.


How do adoptive parents and birth parents keep in touch with each other after the adoption?


There are many levels of contact and we encourage people to pursue the best mutual agreement for all parties involved. Most families and birth parents agree to keep in touch with each other over the years. This can be through letters and pictures sent through the agency or directly to each other.

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