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1. How do I chose adoption for my baby?

Adoption is a loving choice for you and your baby. It is also filled with much emotion. The Keane Center staff are experienced counselors who can give you support during this time in your life. You may want to talk to us before you answer the first question.

2. What do I have to do?

The agency asks the birth mother and the birth father to supply social and medical background information. You do this by completing an intake form.

Once we know your preferences and choices, you can choose the adopting family by reviewing profiles of the parents approved by the agency. You can then meet the parents and get to know them before your baby is born.

3. How are my expenses handled?

It is possible under Michigan law to reimburse a birth parent for living, medical and travel expenses. If the birth mother has medical insurance, the adoptive parents may pay any portions unpaid by insurance. Living expenses may include rent, maternity clothes, etc. and travel may include getting to and from the doctor’s office. Living expenses may be paid up to six weeks after the birth. Payment of living expenses can only begin after you select the adopting parents and they have agreed to go forward.

4. How involved does the birth father have to be in the adoption?

The adoption is best for you and the adopting parents if the birth father signed a waiver and provides social and medical information. An adoption is possible with out his participation, however, he must know of your choice. We assist in notifying him of your decision and informing him of his options. Each case has different issues and we can answer specific questions about the birth father on an individual basis.

5. How is my baby placed with the adopting parents?

You are choosing and getting to know the adopting parents before the birth. At the hospital after the birth, an agency person comes to the hospital to help you sign the direct placement documents. The baby goes home directly from the hospital with the adopting parents. We do not make a foster placement of the baby. This is never necessary.

6. Can I keep in touch with the adopting family?

Yes. This is most commonly done through exchanging letters and pictures. With each case, the frequency, type and extent of contact is determined and agreed upon together.

For more information and to discuss your adoption with Ms. Brail, call her at 1-800-905-6789 in Michigan or 1-313-277-4664.

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